Cale Lab is an online platform focused only on Portuguese craftsmanship and fashion. Our main goal is to help the development of Portuguese craftsman and small designers.

Why are we different?

Cale lab is more than an online shopping platform, it is a business partner for Portuguese craftsmanship brands. Besides the online shopping services, we provide services in the fields of photography and design that aim to support the digital growth of these brands.

What makes us different from other platforms is not only our focus on the Portuguese and handmade fashion sector but also the fact that we adapt to each brand selling with us, allowing each partnership to be equally beneficial to both Cale Lab and the brand.

There are several membership plans available, allowing creators to sell their products without having to think about logistics and distribution, this way giving priority to their creative process. t is our team who is responsible for stock management, promotion of the products, shipments and customer support. The brand? Needs only to create.

Why buy at Cale Lab?

Cale lab offers a simplified shopping process in the craftsman and Portuguese fashion through the sale of high-quality products, safe payment methods, and worldwide shipping., something that is innovative in this sector. Through a modern and simple design, we offer customers a new and luxurious view of handmade products.




Cale Lab is connected to the origin of things: of brands and of their production process. We value manual production, portuguese craftsmanship, the use of portuguese and sustainable raw materials and the fight for the recognition of quality and production by our customers. This process takes us to the root of the word Portugal, Portus Cale.





[Figured] Place of great operations or transformations.

Cale Lab seeks to bring fashion, jewelry, textile and portuguese craftsmanship to a national and international audience, this way amplifying the visibility of small creators. We are a laboratory that has the ambition to transform mentalities when it comes to craftsmanship e-commerce, a place where brands feel the ability to grow, re-invent and transform.



Just like Cale Lab, its logo font, — Bazar from Olívia Martins — was born in Porto, Portugal.


Bazar is a revivalist font created from the collection of commercial signs from old shops in the streets of Porto.


  • Ana has a degree in Management and a Masters in Fashion Management, having already worked in several areas in this sector. By the end of 2020, she posed the challenge to Laura, who has a degree in Communication Design and experience in the field, to launch a project that had the promise to transform the consumption of Portuguese and handmade fashion.

    Cale Lab is born from a flaw that the founders feel exists in the market and that they wish to eliminate — a platform that centralizes various brands exclusively from the handmade and Portuguese fashion and that allows consumers to buy these products in a facilitated way.

    With our platform, we will help Portuguese and craftsmanship brands to grow in the domestic and international markets, while promoting in our generation the consumption of less, better and more Portuguese products.

    Together, we will eliminate obstacles and democratize the consumption of handmade and Portuguese fashion, validating the success of our partner brands not by their dimension, but by their quality.


    Ana and Laura