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Nude Swimsuit

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Nude swimsuit; it tightens at the back following the back and is adjustable to the measure of the back, opening below the center of the chest. Knot on the chest with a loose strap to adjust to different cups.

Your swimsuit will be delivered in a linen bag with a QR code stamped on it where you will find a cleaning manual so that your bikini has greater durability. Inside the bag, you will also find a solid detergent suitable for washing and maintenance.

The model measures 167cm and is wearing size S.


Country of origin: Portugal
Fabrics: National stock surpluses.
Color: NUDE

Stock limited to existing fabric.


We privilege conscious consumption, we have a zero waste zero stock policy, and as soon as you place your order you will receive an accurate delivery forecast being that the estimated time is between 7 to 14 days, we are 100% dedicated to your piece, you and to our planet.